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South Africa Xenophobia or coup?

by Editor on April 24, 2015 1 Comment






It is no secret that the masses are the basis of any manipulation in the politicized society as contemporary Africa which is under the public obloquy of a world of scavengers,   opportunity makes the thief, and it’s not violence or the ignominy of acts that can prevent cold monsters to speculate on the lives of individuals for selfish gain. But what teaching carries the current situation in South Africa?

  Giving a superficial explanation, would make the game of those who refuse to treat the problem at the root, for fear to elucidate the true pathogens agents, as one cannot speak of the current social violence in South Africa, without mention the years of apartheid, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War, the release of Mandela, his rise to power, and his exit from the political scene without laurels.

During the Cold War, at the ...

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Boko Haram sert les intérêts de Paul Biya

by Editor on March 5, 2015 0 Comments

L’un des plus grands gambits du 21ème siècle est sans doute en train de se dérouler dans le bassin du lac du Tchad, sans que personne ou presque ne se rende compte. L’avenir politique  du poumon économique de l’Afrique centrale qu’est le Cameroun  est en train de se jouer. Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas Un gambit est un terme employé aux jeux  d’échecs qui désigne un sacrifice volontaire de pions dans l'ouverture. Seulement qu’ici la partie d’échecs n’a rien de ludique, mais c’est plutôt un jeu de guerre  létale qui a déjà fait couler beaucoup de sang. Les pions étant ces âmes sacrifiées  sur l’autel  des  agendas malicieux des hommes de pouvoir.
Après 32 ans d’un règne sans partage  à la tête du Cameroun, la partie est loin d’être terminée. Le  président Biya  du Cameroun ...
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Boko Haram serves the interest of Paul Biya

by Editor on March 5, 2015 16 Comments

One of the biggest gambits of the 21st century is undoubtedly taking place in the Lake Chad Basin, yet  hardly anyone realizes it. The political future of the economic heart of central Africa Cameroon is being played. For those who do not know a gambit is a term used in chess which means a voluntary sacrifice of pawns in the opening. Only here the chess game is not for fun, but it is rather a lethal war game that has already seen a lot of bloodsheds. Pawns are those souls sacrificed on the altar of malicious agenda of those in power or seeking power. After 32 years of absolute reign in the head of Cameroon, the game is far from over. President Biya of Cameroon for the first time he is facing the war on his territory, and he knows he is at the crossroads, between a people who has ...
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What will be the consequences of the conflict between Boko Haram in countries of the Lake Chad Basin?

by Editor on February 16, 2015 1 Comment


For many months now there is  not a week that goes by  without bloodshed   into the Lake Chad Basin, a region of the southern hemisphere, which the main neighboring countries are Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger. Since immemorial time the Lake Chad Basin, has always been a privileged area of exchange, an intersection a transit  zone trade between sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Orient. These last 25 years the discovery and prime exploitation of new economic resources (agricultural, mining, industrial) gave new importance to this space, marked by great population mobility and the development of inter-communal conflict. The main conflict that threatens to sink a region whose future is promising, regarding its  population density of about 40 million people, and its rich mineral resources, which most  remaining untapped is the Boko Haram terrorist network, which over time  has turned out to be a truly international geostrategic tool, in the ...
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