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Top 12 Banned Movie Posters

May 19, 2012 2 Comments

Top 12 Banned Movie Posters

Everything must be good to sell your sauce…  shocking and attention-snatching poster It’s no secret that people love controversy, and often advertisers use this to their advantage in promoting. The films  Below are 12 of the worst offenders, along with some surprising entries.

 1The People vs. Larry Flynt

This poster – featuring Woody Harrelson wearing nothing but a pair of star-spangled underwear – was banned by the Motion Picture Association of America, which didn’t clarify whether the ban was for its excessive sexuality or offensive religious symbolism (Harrelson is posed like Jesus on the cross, between a pair of female legs). The movie itself focuses on censorship – relish the irony here. In any case, we’re pretty sure the real reason for the ban is that showing Woody Harrelson wearing nothing but a diaper is legally considered a human rights infringement.

2. Ali G Indahouse

The Advertising Standards Authority banned this poster in the United Kingdom after they reportedly received over 100 complaints that the poster was too offensive for public display. Hardly a surprise, given that the poster shows Sacha Baron Cohen, reaching between a naked woman’s legs and resting a hand on her behind.

3 Coco Avant Chanel

this poster was banned in France due to its depiction of fashion icon Coco Chanel having a smoke. This violates a French advertising law which prohibits the “direct or indirect” promotion of cigarettes, a response to the huge numbers of smokers in France.

4. The Outlaw

For an interesting comparison between censorship laws past and present, look no further than this deliberately controversial movie poster, banned for its racy nature. Despite the fact that the poster contains no real nudity, partial or otherwise, the focus on the subject’s ample breasts was enough to warrant a ban in 1943.

5 Sex and the City (2008)

The poster was banned by two Israeli cities who did not want the word "sex" on display. The distributer refused to remove "sex" from the posters and compared it with removing "Coca" from Coca Cola.

6 The Hills Have Eyes II (2006)

The poster was apparently banned for the hand sticking out of the sack. The second version basically just rotated the body 180 degrees so that now the legs were sticking out.. and that did the trick.

7 The Road to Guantanamo

The MPAA didn't fancy the hood and censured the poster for "depicting torture, which wasn't appropriate for children to see".

8 Dying Breed (2008)

Inspired by Irish Pie-maker turned Cannibal Killer, Alexander Pearce, the Australian horror flick's stomach churning poster was deemed too gruesome to hang on bus shelters but was approved for cinema foyers, press ads and online display.

9 Thirst (2009)

Park Chan-wook's (Oldboy) vampire offering had its posters banned in Korea for depicting a priest in a sexual situation. The less energetic approved version kept the strangulation but cut out the legs. The Korean media rating board had earlier also banned the international poster for the sleaze-fest "Slowbus".

10 Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009)

Posters for the comedy were banned from UK's public transport because the title was judged to be"sexually offensive".

11The Rules of Attraction (2002)

Banned because this particular arrangement of toys was considered "offensive and obscene".

12 Shoot Em Up (2007)

Two of the three for the action flick were banned by the UK watchdog Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for "suggesting a direct aggression that could be seen to glamorize the use of guns and violence". The distributer defended the posters saying that they had been specifically designed to angle the gun(s) away from the viewer. The third poster was approved.






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