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It is imperative for Africa to play its African Cup of Nations

November 13, 2014 5 Comments

It is imperative for Africa to play its African Cup of Nations

The Ebola virus has been there, racism disguised as Afro pessimism reappeared on all trays.  The poor sick and bruised Africa, with players who do not shine by their intelligence but by their imposing size as stated by the soccer coach of Girondins de Bordeaux in France, is once upon the time the laughingstock of a world that is not shy to crush dominate exploit those in need, turning the mother of the worlds a hell hole where nothing is positive. Sport has always been in a dark sky drawn by the West, the sparkle  of talent  which  help  to make understand to  that world, which does not accept  Africans,  that they also know how to live their lives, they can also have some pride and  a know-how  others can envy. No one has forgotten the victorious epic of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon in 1990 an equally remarkable fact, as the fall of the Berlin Wall, which had forced a reshuffle in the world of football.

  Why some feel that the situation is very serious that the great mass of African football will not be held as scheduled from January 17 to February 8, 2015? what game plays Morocco, what interest does it serve when it is known that a country severely affected by the outbreak of Ebola like Guinea played all their home games in Moroccan soil, and so far while following rigorous health protocols imposed by the World health Organization, no illness has never been declared, what about the world cup of clubs which is  to be held in Morocco from December 10th  to 20th  2014, a competition  which the Royal Moroccan Football Federation has maintained the organization why this double standard in the decisions of Morocco?

To better understand this state of affairs one must try to understand first the psychology of the nations of North Africa like Morocco, the countries where the anti-black racism remains something normal. It is a way of life that is shocking for no one. How many immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa have been lynched in Morocco in recent years? The list is long. It’s clear that the state racism, of the Kingdom of Morocco could only transpire sooner or later in its relations with the rest of the continent. The African Cup of Nations is the celebration of African sport, an Africa which some believe to be freed from because of their skin color. It’s true that in a country where notorious pedophiles receive a royal pardon, nothing should surprise anyone, since the code of honor has been buggered.

  For the rest of Africa it is imperative to isolate Morocco in its racist and Afro pessimist position. Treachery is the daily bread of this land, when Africa should unite to prove to the world that despite all the turbulence, it can keep its joy to get up and move forward. The Morocco move proves that it serves the dark force who think taking down the continent in a time of uncertain future undermined by misery suffering and death. This counter flow position of Morocco should not surprise anyone. It’s well known that in the past when the FLN fought for the independence of Algeria, Morocco was the rear base of the colonizing forces from the west. Even recently the role of Morocco in the fall of Libya is not negligible. Meanwhile, the country has provided for secret CIA prisons where many Arabs were tortured by American and Israeli spies. Where was then famous Arab solidarity in this case?

By refusing to organize the African Cup of Nations organized by the CAF but welcoming at the same time the World Cup of clubs organized by Fifa Morocco has chosen sides.  For them Africa to which it belongs geographically is a negligible entity, while the West should take precedence. It would probably be time for Morocco to ask to join the European Union Football Association, which his President the French Michel Platini seems to have endorsed Moroccans position in a case that did not concern him. I’m not sure Issa Hayatou the CAF president can give his opinion on a matter concerning strictly the UEFA. In any case Morocco, a country which despite all still belongs to the history of African Football, has just show to the world that in fact it does not always consider itself African, solidarity in hard times to other African nations matters little, sooner or later the kingdom of Morocco will draw the consequences of its behavior, future history will never be favorable to them since they have committed the ultimate affront.

In any event Morocco has  succeed in one thing,  is to put this 30th  edition of the African Cup of nation under the banner of the African renaissance as Africans through sport must show that they can triumph and survive over drama, imposed to them by dark forces that are trying to manipulate and defraud them. And those countries that are reluctant to organize the competition despite the legitimate fears of some about of their citizen’s health, need to know that they have more to lose by not organizing this event. What could happen if the continent becomes a red zone where no one enters nor get out because of exaggerated fears, and even dummy in some cases. (Some Africans living in the West for decades are being pointed by some as potential vector of the disease Ebola). In this situation the trade with the rest of the world would take a serious blow, the fragile economies of African countries do not need this psychosis.  Africa does not need to put itself under embargo playing in the hands of those who want to return Africans to slavery. An economic crisis resulting from this health embargo would bring more deaths and chaos than the Ebola virus alone.  To organize the African Cup of Nation in an emerging country like Equatorial Guinea, Angola, or Namibia who recently organized the Women CAN will be something good to show the world that Africa is more alive than ever, victorious and marching towards a bright future that nothing and nobody can stop.

By Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr

Journalist Writer

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    Exchanging the African Cup from its customary January-February opening to the European offseason will improve the probability that Africa's best competition really includes the mainland's best players.

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