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The Book of the Month: "I’m Bahia the miracle girl"

October 16, 2014 6 Comments

The Book of the Month: "I’m Bahia the miracle girl"

On board an airplane, we all felt this anguish at 10,000 feet above the ground, this overwhelming fear that the plane may fall and crash. And everything will stop. Bahia was flying for the first time, accompanied by her mother, happy to go meet her family in the Comoros. Suddenly, the lights go out, the shocks are increasingly violent, a baby cries and panic wins travelers. Everything is accelerating. Screams, oxygen masks, bodies folded ... The plane drop. A deafening noise ... and it's dark.

"I will not forget the images of the crash, utters Bahia with a small voice. I think about every day. I remember the voices of the people who were helping us. And then of course, I remember my mom Aziza, I miss her. "On June 30th 2009, 152 people died in the crash of the Airbus A310 of Yemenia Airways, in the heart of the Indian Ocean. One survivor Bahia Bakari, a young girl, rescued from the water by a fisherman from the Comorian coast.

Ejected from the A310, the teenager remains in the water for 8 hours, clinging with all her might, to a floating aircraft debris. She would never forget the terrible shock she felt when the accident occurred, and the long hours spent in the water, alone in the cold at night, out of breath and scared. Hurt, suffering and wondering where was her mother.

Found burned, one eye damaged, with lesions on the elbows and knees, the "miracle girl” lost her mother in this terrible accident. Now Bahia is no longer the same. Eldest of four children, a good student, she is now trying to return to normal life. But after this tragedy, nothing will be like before ... Received by the French President, harassed by the press, Bahia has unwittingly become a heroine.

An untold testimony of a miracle from heaven, the story of a life forever broken, a salvation writing for this young survivor who has had an unparalleled history.

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