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The year 1995 Revealed Celine Dion to the World with the opus " The French Album "

September 16, 2013 2 Comments

The year 1995 Revealed Celine Dion to the  World with  the opus " The French Album "

D’eux  originally, or The French Album in the United States , is the fifteenth album of Celine Dion , released on March 27 1995 in France and May 16th in the United states. Written and directed by Jean- Jacques Goldman , it is the French best-selling album in the history of music
 Jean- Jacques Goldman , made ​​the proposal  to Celine Dion to write her an album, they recorded during the end of 1994 .
For this album, Jean- Jacques Goldman told Celine Dion to adopt a more sober line of singing. He asked her in particular to less adorn her vocal line and modernize her diction : the "r" are no more rolled ,  and the " m "  no longer damped . The singer says that Goldman  ”disillusioned” her
In 1995 , the album appears in France and was an immediate success with the song  Pour que tu m'aimes encore. In five months, it is certified diamond disc for more than 1 million copies  sold . In total, the album will stays 44 nonconsecutive weeks on top of sales, selling  in Europe 8 million, a record for a French Album. It is also the bestselling album ever in France with more than 4 million copies sold . Globally , it sold 10 million of units .
In Canada , the album  exceeded 700,000 copies  and  was certified 7 times platinum disk . With 250,000 copies sold, it is the first francophone to get a gold disc in the UK.
Three songs have been adapted in English for the album Falling into You , released a year later Pour que tu m'aimes encorebecame  If That’s What It Takes , je ne sais pas  I Do not know,  and Vole, Fly .
Goldman and Dion work again together on the album  S'il suffisait d'aimerReplacing Dad” , and to a lesser extent on a girl and four types .
So you still love me and I do not know are the two singles from the
Flies, the last track of the album, is a tribute to Karen, the  niece of Celine Dion, who died of cystic fibrosis
Many of the songs were included in the compilation On ne change pas  its not change, released in 2005 . The title of the album D'elles , released in 2007 , is a reference to the title of the album D’eux.

Video Link-  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6wbugWrfLU

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    It is also the bestselling album ever in France with more than 4 million copies sold . Globally , it sold 10 million of units .

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